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VaporFi Review: Same Great Products As VaporZone

VaporZone has been floating on the stock market in recent months, which makes me wonder if share holders are going to become awfully confused. How often do companies whose stocks they hold change their names?

Vapor Fi is just Vapor Zone with a new name, not new products. Prices remain the same and were never in question. They have not started selling e liquid with their starter kits yet and maybe they never will. The reliability of VaporZone is still all there.

Buy Online: http://vaporfi.com

VaporFi BannerChanging Face of VaporFi

The makers of VaporZone didn’t think their name did what a company name is designed for: to encourage customers to remember you and what you sell. I would say that VaporZone says that very well, but VaporFi possibly says it better.

I am not sold yet. Change is fine, but I associate VaporZone with choice, quality, and contemporary style. It will simply take time to get used to the new name.

At VaporFi, “Fi” refers to “fidelity” — attention to detail, commitment. VaporZone always offered those qualities too, but now their name makes a promise to always pay attention to details.

vaporfi.comA VaporFi Review

At the end of the day, if you know VaporZone, you know VaporFi. If not, why not?

Check out any top-ten chart or even the top-three e cigs in some cases where the best electronic cigarette brands are reviewed and there is VaporFi, waving at the competition from on high with other great brands.

It is not necessarily the very best: each of the top brands has its merits. VaporFi, however, is very good.

Their products begin with a realistic looking cigarette replacement and wind up to the piece of resistance: an electronic mod.

VaporFi BatteriesSeven Starter Kits, 6 Devices

I will cover the Jet first because you might not know it was there otherwise. There is no longer a Jet starter kit, but some advertisements show consumers photos of a triangular battery with a read out and clearomizer. That is the Jet.

Purchase parts for this item separately or skip to a starter kit. The Jet is not all that convenient simply because, like the Air, no other parts are compatible with it except those made for the Jet.

(whereas with The Pro, if you wanted to try, or had in your possession a Kanger or Aspire tank, that will fit).

Starter Kits are the Express, Rebel, Pro, Pulse, and the Air and there are three versions of the Pro Kit.

VaporFi's Express KitExpress Yourself

The Express e cig allows vapers to express the smoker within but to dismiss the clouds of smoke from without.

You can see it now: a passer-by wagging a finger while you smoke in public, only to be pleasantly surprised by the smell and look of your vapor.

A kit contains one 180-mAh and one 280-mAh battery, both white with pin stripes. Chargers are included, but not cartomizer refills or blank cartomizers.

VaporFi only makes five pre-filled flavors so add blanks and a bottle of e liquid with your purchase. Videos will show you how to fill them.

Pro Battery ColorsThe Pro Approach

The Pro eGo vaporizer at VaporFi is their top selling device so it is no wonder they booted out the Jet and replaced it with two more Pro starter kits.

They are the Pro Colors Kit and a Pro Platinum. The latter arrangement provides users with a Platinum tank, demonstrating that the Pro is incredibly flexible.

Use it with a sleek Pro tank featuring a viewing window. Match tank and battery or create a duet of colors. Select on of the many other accessories from VaporFi. Choose a two-battery Pro kit with two chargers and the means to vape through an entire day.

The VaporFi AirThe VaporFi Air

It is light, small, and discrete.

The Air provides 350 mAh of power, almost as much as an eGo but without becoming ungainly or obvious.

A white or black Air fits into your pocket or a pouch of your messenger bag stealthily.

Feel the Pulse of an APV

In due course, you will come to know that there more ways to charge a battery than with familiar USB chargers, AC adapters, and car chargers. At VaporFi, they chose a circular charger in place of a portable charging case.

While this does not store your batteries, the circular charger is fun and handy, operating as a wireless charging stand.

Rebel KitThe Rebel APV

Although there is an LCD screen on the Pulse, you cannot change voltage. It serves to show you battery power and puffs. The Rebel APV resembles a mechanical mod with its telescopic agility, accepting two sizes of battery.

Use the buttons to adjust your voltage which, in turn, affects the temperature of your vapor. Stainless steel casing gives this the impression of a magic wand for the next century.

A kit with the batteries and a charger plus the APV tube costs $179.99. Several tanks can be attached to the Rebel.

Vaporfi's Flavor MenuE Liquid from VaporFi

You can buy VaporFi e liquid even if you vape V2 Cigs, Halo, a Vamo, or a Smok Ace. It doesn’t matter because this juice is made to go into ordinary tanks.

Occasionally you will come across a tank cracker, but most of their e liquids are plastic-friendly.

Besides a long list of pre-made e liquids, the company also provides the fun alternative to build your own. Their format is simple.

Choose up to three flavors or just two flavors, one doubled. Select a nicotine value. Name your e liquid. Now you have a personally-chosen and designed e liquid blended by experts in a lab from USP, American ingredients.

VaporFi sells liquids in bottles for $14.99, 30 ml in volume and flavors like cream, Graham cracker, clove, and loads of others.

Choose 36 mg of nicotine, wean down to a lower value, or quit vaping nicotine entirely. That is one of the beautiful features of e liquid; the choice to reduce how much of that addictive stuff you consume.

Is Anything Missing at VaporFi?

The only thing they don’t have that would be handy is a disposable e cig. Accessories are light on the ground, but full-service VaporFi stores carry many pieces you don’t find online. New stores open regularly. Since opening in Miami, VaporFi has spread and will soon conquer New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas.

Official Site: http://vaporfi.com

Here’s a Super Bowl Commercial They Did: