The best e cigs on the market are rated by lots of experts and consumers whose opinions lead to an average rating. Their opinions are based on the technology, flavor, vapor production, packaging, and a few other features of each company and product. An e cig that ultimately wins your attention might not be listed here or in charts throughout the internet, but use rating charts as an easy and organized way to start investigating.

A Lot of Choice

Without these tables it can be a daunting task to choose one brand and you could end up paying $6 to $10 every week just trying random disposables. There are worse ways to go about selecting your e cig, but the process can be much better organized if you take some time, which could also save you a lot of money. Notice how many consumer reviews talk about trying brand after brand before settling on a single one.

Free Offers

Great e cig companies don’t offer you free trials. They don’t have to: word of mouth and excellent reviews, not to mention profits, have proven how worthy a company is. Free trials are usually adopted by companies who can’t make any headway and are often scams.

Customers constantly report being duped into handing over credit card details to pay for shipping; details that are subsequently used to charge these individuals for regular shipments they didn’t sign up for. When they try to contact the company, phones are not answered, emails are ignored, and the BBB wades in with their F-grade but no one seems able to do anything about getting consumers’ money back.

Disposables vs. Kits

A few companies make disposable e cigs but not rechargeable kits. They find that their clients are not going to quit smoking completely or would not enjoy the hassle of recharging e cigs. These firms also produce some of the most authentic-tasting juices around.

Most customers prefer a rechargeable kit, however. These provide thick vapor and a responsible alternative to the vast amounts of e waste created by disposable e cigs. In the long run they work out cheaper too.

Almost all e cig catalogues include disposables and rechargeable bundles so you don’t have to choose one or the other. A few run recycling programs to help keep e-waste out of landfills.

Established Companies

New companies are coming into the market, but they will have to contend with the ones that got there first and won over a substantial selection of consumers. The older firms include Vapor4Life, Bull Smoke, Halo Cigs, V2 Cigs, and Volcano. SmokeTip, Smoke 51, and NJoy are just a few more, but the list is extensive.

Customer service at a few of these companies is exceptional. They have grown large enough to create dedicated departments that only handle emails, phone calls, and correspondence from clients. This allows them to be prompt and unhurried when dealing with customers. Even if clients are phoning to complain, they tend to hang up feeling better than ever about the firm in question.

While burgeoning businesses are able to begin their careers with the latest technology, the old guys keep up too. Notice that many devices feature a “V2.0” or “V3.0” next to them. This signifies that the company has upgraded the original version in response to customer suggestions.

E Liquids from the Best Companies

A few brands of e cigs are accompanied by cartomizers filled with American-made e liquid. The rest are filled with Chinese juice. Halo Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Apollo, and Volcano E Cigs are three companies that fill cartomizers with US juices and also carry e liquids by the bottle. Halo is particularly well known for their tasty tobacco e liquids. Chinese juice tends to be sweeter and less realistic than American e juice, especially the tobacco styles. It is also easier to see how quality is controlled when the juice comes from America.

Growing with Customers

You are buying a product for right now, but think about the future. If your short list came down to four companies — say, Bull Smoke, VaporFi, Halo Cigs, and Green Smoke — which one would take you furthest?

Bull Smoke and Green Smoke only make cigalikes: those devices that closely resemble real cigarettes. They only make a small number of flavors: 8 in the case of Green Smoke, 10 from Bull Smoke. Each one sells various battery sizes and disposable e cigs, but neither one carries eGo batteries or e liquid.

Halo Cigs makes the Triton Tank System for intermediate vapers, allowing them to refill tanks and enjoy greater power, but they do not make advanced mods.

VaporFi sells 5 types of e cigarette starter kits and carries a 6th style in the accessories department. These range from the Express cigalike through eGos such as the Pro to a telescopic Rebel for advanced customers. They sell 5 flavors or cartomizers, which is paltry, but also carry several flavors of bottled e liquid and encourage customers to order custom blends. VaporFi is clearly able to adjust to a client’s progressing needs for power and variety.

Value for Money

Halo, Cigavette, Volt, and Apollo offer excellent value for money. Their prices are excellent yet they also carry stellar products. Some of the pricier products could give you better quality, but you would be surprised by how much more expensive some are. A super-expensive product is not necessarily excellent. You can find quality and affordability in the same package.

The Best E Cig

As you can see, there is no single e cig that will do the trick for everyone. Some of the best products on the market right now are made by VaporFi, Halo Cig, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs. The last one has dominated this market for a long time and their vapor production is excellent, but they use Chinese e juice. With blanks, however, it is possible to refill V2 Cigs with anything you like.

Triple 7, Volt, White Cloud, and NJoy are four more winners. The White Cloud line includes some excellent flavors of low-priced disposables. The others offer attractive, tasty products.