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VaporFi already sells an ample selection of e-liquids. They carry six brands of e cigs. Their line includes many types of cartomizers, tanks, and several colors if you are a fan of the pro. Their selection of accessories is decent.

One more thing remains: chargers. The Pulse comes with the standard selection of chargers plus an extra, exciting piece which makes this device distinct from the other 5 devices at VaporFi and other models made by other companies.

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Pulse KitThe VaporFi Pulse Review

This extra feature is the cordless circular charger. The charger fulfills three roles.

One is to charge your Pulse, generally. The second is to charge your Pulse remotely: where there is no access to a USB port and/or wall plug. Thirdly, use the Pulse cordless charger to hold up your battery vertically.

Pulse Circular ChargerBenefits of the Circular Charger

A tendency many people have is to leave their batteries on a table or shelf from which station they roll around and often fall off. This can cause a battery to break or simply become lost. Since you need to charge the device anyway, a circular charger allows you to do this and store it upright at the same time.

The Cordless Charger Specs

A cordless charger comes with an LCD display so you can see the battery’s charge status at all times. There is a wall adapter and USB charger with each purchase of a separate Jet circular charger. The output is 5 volts with 100v to 240v input.

Your cordless charger must be charged before taking it on the road. It is like a portable charging case in that sense: useful in situations when you are away from ordinary power sources. Though not as helpful as a PCC as far as organizing items, it can still serve the purpose of a portable charging device if you have a flat surface to lay it on.

The Pulse Starter Kit

A starter kit for the Pulse comes with this circular charger, a USB charger, and the usual AC adapter to plug into a wall socket. Pulse kits are packaged with two 650mAh, 3.7-volt batteries and two Premium cartomizers.

The total cost for this kit is $119.99. E-liquid is sold separately and available in thousands of potential combinations to satisfy your taste buds. Customize or select from an appealing menu.

What Clients and Reviewers Have to Say

A battery value of 650mAh is average for an eGo: customers are not paying for a weekend-long charge. They are paying for futuristic looks and a circular, cordless charger. If this sounds like a gimmick, it’s not.

The charger works very well and only costs $19.99 to replace. Overall, the savings of buying a starter kit are not exceptional, but clients feel they get good value for their money.