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You do not have to be a vaping pro to use the Platinum Pro by VaporZone. You will feel and look like one using this device.

Its sleek platinum exterior combined with the large tank on top will give people the impression it is a complex and expensive piece of equipment and that you are one sophisticated consumer.

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VaporZone Platinum ProA VaporZone Platinum Pro Review

For $59.99, VaporZone gives customers the Pro E Cigarette with a little more e-liquid capacity. The 2.5-ml tank holds more liquid than a Pro Cartridge, but this also means the line and looks of a Pro Platinum differ from those of the Pro Original or Pro Colors.

When held vertically, it might remind you of a lighthouse. That is because its tank is slightly wider than the battery. With the mouthpiece on top, it has a vaguely architectural appearance.

But you won’t mind losing the vertical line because a bigger tank means fewer refill sessions: more convenience and less work. In fact, some consumers will prefer this change of pace.

Platinum Pro Starter Kit

Your package comes with one battery, one clearomizer tank, and two chargers. The name for this device comes from its color and also the tank, which is known as a Platinum tank (platinum being a metal scarcer than gold). Two atomizers are also included.

The battery provides 650mAh for several hours of vaping. Each tank should last up to 6 months if used properly. Don’t fill it with tank-cracking juices and you’ll be alright.

Easy to Use

Although it looks technical and advanced, the Pro Platinum is responsive and easy. Some customer comments at VaporZone come from clients who started with this device, bypassing cigalikes. They had no trouble getting used to this system.

Adding Pieces to the Platinum Pro

You will eventually need new atomizers, and e-liquid will be a constant feature of your vaping life. A 30-ml bottle of VaporZone e-liquid for $14.99 comes in so many flavors you could try a new one daily for a few years and never run out of choices.

Atomizers in five-packs for the Pro-L and Platinum Tank cost $14.99. With these, your one tank can be disassembled, restored to life, and re-used for many months.

Switching Colors

The good thing about the Pro Platinum is that when you replace batteries or tanks, Pro-L tanks and Pro batteries can be used in place of the parts in your kit. Choose a black battery and a Platinum tank one day.

A week later, attach a colored battery to the Platinum tank, or switch to a Platinum battery and colored tank. It’s not as though you will constantly need to replace batteries, but the option is there to create an accessory that matches your clothing or your outlook; even your e juice.

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