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SMY God 180 Watt Mod

Box mods do not get any bigger size-wise, but their inbuilt chips become more complex all the time. The SMY God 180w box mod is one such: a box-shaped variable wattage e cig in five possible colors. It is a high-power device so, understandably, it requires more

If you haven’t heard of, maybe the Vapor Tower has crossed your path. Owners of are the makers of this tall box mod while also carrying a considerable selection of products by other manufacturers as well. A Big List In fact, the list is almost

Vapor Seller

The Vapor Seller site is for everyone: college students and professionals, people vaping for an alternative to tobacco smokingĀ and recreational vapers, individuals with money and those with very little. I found that just browsing their site was an interesting experience because it showed me such a wide

Billet Box

This is almost a mysterious item, the Billet Box, like an urban legend. Until you find someone who owns a Billet Box you might wonder if it really exists. It is only made on Saturdays weekly and is frequently on back order with customers ordering ahead to

Pulsar 7 Vaporizer

Many of the pens you see on the vaporizer market work best with oils or waxes. You find they burn herbs, and that is the case with even the best examples. The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is not a bad pen. But at between $80 and $90, you

SMOK Xpro BT50W Mod

Theirs is a late addition to the box mod frenzy, but the SMOK Xpro BT50W Mod may also be among the best. This e cig company from China already manufactures a number of products which vapers rely on, including their SMOK Magneto mechanical mod and the SID.

Tronic Vape

Tronic aims to bring quality to the e juice table, something the owners feel has been lacking. In their opinion, vapers rely on low-quality stuff to get their nicotine fix or enjoy vaping variety. There has been more demand than decent selection, but vapers know what to

Volcano Vaporizer

As you can probably guess, the Volcano Vaporizer is named for its conical shape. Do not expect this device to produce temperatures equal to that of an erupting volcano: excessive heat is not where the name comes from. Trying to reproduce an inferno would nullify the advantages

Viva La Vape Revolt Vaporizer

This is a mouthful: Viva La Vape Revolt Vaporizer. As vaporizers go, it is perhaps the one with the most suggestive name, meaningful in ways which some consumers might not understand. This is about the power of the people to make a choice; to vape if they


When a company provides a link that says “about us,” what you often read is a list of reasons why you should use their products. They are the same old generic reasons: vaporizing is better than smoking, and so on. These are legitimate reasons to buy listed