There are loads of imitators out there, but only Mojo makes the real Chi You Mod. This is one of the most well-known and loved fully mechanical device on the electronic cigarette market. Only individuals with some skill and experience, plus a bit of mechanical aptitude, should purchase a Chi You. Other consumers should stop at APVs or even stick with eGos. They are easier but less fun and not nearly as attractive as mechanical vaping mods.

This Is The Chi You Megan:

Chi You Megan

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Engraved, Original

Each Chi You Mod features a serial number and is beautifully engraved with an oriental figure and writing. Mojo is a Korean company, so that explains their artistic themes.

The serial number is important: it signifies that this is one of a certain number of devices manufactured, and that number is not astronomical. While JoyeTech and Innokin articles are created in their thousands, even tens of thousands, Mojo makes only a few thousand of each Chi You Mechanical Mod.

Types of Chi You

The current favorite comes in brass or stainless steel with an air control ring and tubes for 18350, 18490/500, and 18650 batteries. It has a bottom cap lock ring and a top cap with a telescopic center pin to accommodate those three battery sizes. Your Chi You can become bigger or smaller as you prefer. The engraving is beautiful.

A new Chi You Sleek features an eGo top cap, hard case, and looks like a small version of the one above. It only uses 14500 batteries, however (they recommend AW IMR), and is 72 mm by 16 mm. Mojo also makes Chi You drip tips to fit the aesthetic qualities of their devices.

What is the Difference between a Chi You and a Chi You Sleek?

Both of these electronic cigarette mods is serialized and engraved, but one is telescopic. The other is not. The telescopic device costs over $200. The “Sleek” is priced about $150. If you were going to purchase a gift for someone, the Sleek would still say you care without breaking the bank.

Chi You Copies

According to retailers who carry clones, there is not much to tell between clones and originals. Mojo begs to differ, but at least the makers of clones don’t try to sell their goods as real Chi You mods. You can tell right away, however, that a mod is not the real deal if it costs $40 instead of the full price.

What’s in the Box?

Each Chi You mod is sold as a unit with just the mod pieces: tubes and caps, for instance. Batteries and tanks are sold separately, but the product instructions or packaging tells you which threading they accept. Most of them are designed for eGo threaded tanks because that’s the standard style. Buy a Chi You Mechanical Mod from several online or physical retailers.